Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gaduh-gaduh sayang!

Two main things that we decide after discussing and quarrelling! Hoho.

First thing: Discuss about our dulang hantaran. The result is 5 trays for her and 7 trays for him.

For him:

a. Sirih junjung

b. Watch – replacement for ring

c. Praying attires

d. Shoes+wallet+belt

e. Toiletries( deodorant, perfume, hair cream, etc)

f. A box of chocolate

g. A basket of tropical fruits

For her:

a. Bracelet

b. Handbag+Sandal

c. Toiletries( facial foam, day&night cream, toner and etc)

d. Readymade Kurung Biru + tudung

e. A box of chocolate

Second thing: Theme colour for our wedding is turquoise and white.

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