Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nasi goreng daging rusa.

Dear bloggers,

On the way back from JPO, we stop by at mosque. Masjid al-mubarak, Bandar Putera, Kulai. Hubby perform maghrib prayer meanwhile fateen and me in the car waiting. I red flag. Then, after that we decide to eat at a restaurant chosed by my hubby. He told that the food is best.

Not further due, we went staright to rest@family. Just nearby from mosque. About 5 minutes by car. The interior design very cosy, neat and tidy. I am loving it. Hubby ask about specialty of menu. The waitress told us to try "nasi goreng daging rusa". Very tempting when we heard deer meat. Hubby decide to order it. I ordered " nasi goreng usa".

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