Sunday, November 2, 2014

Second baby

Salam dan hai.

Alhamdulillah. Soon to be delivered. Due on 24th November 2014. Second baby. Hope may Allah bless me and the little one in my womb. Hopefully for this time will be normal delivery. No complicated. No czer.

Had gone through routine check ups. Appointment with specialist. Advice for normal delivery. The pros and cons of czer. Advice for poor spacing of having children. Should be 2 years for mother to get full recovery from previous maternity.

But, I must face it. Redha with the qadak and qadar from Allah. There is something behind this. Thank Allah for chosen me for this challenge. Hope I will do it with open heart.


  1. Chejan~!! tahniah for the second bby.. dlm diam2 ya.. rad doakan semoga ummi & baby selamat & sihat sejahtera ya..

    1. Thanks rad. Insyaallah. Doakan yg terbaik untuk kami.