Monday, June 22, 2009

Akhirnya GEMS da abes..

Alhamdulillah...gems da abes 17hb aritu setelah selama 2 bulan setengah da sini. Terima kasih IRSHAD HR CONSULTING. thank you Khazanah Nasional Sdn Bhd. and the most thanks to our government because provide the training for jobless like this. GEMS is a great program that enhance the participant with various skills.
  1. For info, GEMS stand for Graduates Employability Management Scheme. GEMS objective is to equip young graduates@jobless with the commercially useful skills and experiences that would enhance the employement opportunities.
  2. There are various sites that organize GEMS like Genting View Resort (GVR01), Suria Cherating, Setiu Merang, Darul Puteri n many more. Aku dapat kat Suria Cherating. The view is so great. Makanan plak not bad la..Our trademark is OMBAK CHERATING.hehe.idea nie dapat mase friendly match ngan sangat.for this event 2 companies were organized which is Orient Gems(grup5-grup aku) and Frost Sdn Bhd(grup6). Kami adakan volleyball, beach soccer and netball.yg paling penting SRC01 banyak menang. GVR01 jangan jelous yea.


  1. ok ler tuh banyak menang..aku join netball site sumer pasal pasir pantai...hahahaklu wat kt court btol..confirm kitorang yg menang..hehe..gurau jer

  2. hoho. best kan, dah lama tinggal gems nie.

  3. best2 kat sini...sentiasa nk pegi lagi...